Leadership Team

Eric Fenwick - Minister

Eric serves as Pastoral co-ordinator and overseer of the life and mission of HFC. He is married and has one grown up daughter. He enjoys the opera, listening to the radio, cycling, banana sandwiches and holidays by the seaside.

Brian Mann  - Treasurer

Brian is our wonderful Church Treasurer and works hard to keep our bank account happy. He is married to Marion, and has a wealth of grandchildren who can often be seen around the place. He plays in a brass band, enjoys badminton and his wife's wonderful cooking. In recent months he has also proven himself very useful with a paint-brush!​

Helen Martin  - Secretary

Helen works part-time in London, and spends her spare time with her grown up children and grandchildren, cooking, and visiting friends. She runs the Badminton Club with Marion on a Friday evening and can still give most people a good thrashing on the badminton court!​

Our Leadership Team also consists of 4 Deacons who are voted on by the Church Membership to serve  three-year terms.